Japanese Noodle Bowl with Grilled Mushrooms

Every Recipe has a story. This Japanese Noodle Bowl has one too. My tryst with Japan isn’t over yet and this is yet another of my attempts at the fabulous Japanese Cuisine. While I was in Japan, I did take up a cooking class where I learnt basics of Japanese cooking. I learnt some basic dishes like dashi, gyozas, gyu don (beef bowl), a few salads and a dessert.
When we got back from Japan, we were Japan sick. Still are. I wanted to be close to those comforting flavours again. I got a stock of Japanese ingredients too, but had very few recipes to make. Japanese food is quite technical so I couldn’t turn them up using my instincts. So, went to my very dear fellow blogger friend Becky Gilhespie’ Blog – www.eatwhatweeat.com. Like me, she loves cooking world cuisines and we probably have similar cooking styles. Well she is a pro chef and a former Masterchef UK semi-finalist. And I am just a home cook but I feel a deep connection with her and her style of cooking. In the last few months I have interacted with her regularly to share recipes and ideas.  And luckily for me, we were also paired up in a food recipe swap club, that we are a part off. Yep, I am convinced. There is some connection with her. While I was on a quest to search for Japanese recipes, I remembered that she had been to Japan a few months before I did. So, I knew she would have something up her sleeves. So this Japanese noodle bowl recipe is adapted from her’s and things I learnt in Japan. Here is the link to her recipe:  Becky’s Japanese Noodles Recipe. When I made this recipe, I  knew why we connected. The flavors and taste were perfect. It was like we were in tune in that moment not because of the series of 0s and 1s but something much more. The love for food. The love for trying all the gorgeous cuisines of the world. And yet another common link – our love for Japan. I am a complete fan of this woman. She became a professional chef recently and I can’t wait to follow her footsteps. Cheers to you, Becky.

I chose this recipe because this Japanese Noodles Bowl is as comforting as a cheesy slice of pizza or a juicy burger. However, a gazillion times healthier.  I am sharing both the authentic version using Dashi and the the vegetarian version without using Dashi.

Japanese Noodles bowl with Udon, grilled mushrooms, japanese style soft boiled eggs and miso soup
Japanese Noodles Bowls with grilled mushrooms

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Japanese Noodle Bowl with grilled mushrooms, japanese style eggs and miso soup
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Japanese Noodles Bowl with Grilled Mushrooms
Prep Time
1 hr
Cook Time
20 mins
Total Time
1 hr 20 mins

There are 4 elements to this dish: Miso Soup, Noodles, Marinated soft boiled eggs and Grilled Mushrooms. I will take you through the recipe step by step

Course: Dinner, Soup
Cuisine: Japanese
Servings: 2 people
Calories per Serve: 325 kcal
Author: Payal Bhuptani
Japanese Style Eggs
  • 2 soft boiled eggs (method shared below)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
Noodles: 50 gm of noodles, such as soba, udon or ramen. I used Udon
Miso Soup
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
  • ½ cup roughly sliced mushrooms, Portobello or button (I used Portobello)
  • ½ litre dashi ( Recipe shared in the footnotes) Or water for veg version
  • 1 tbsp miso paste. I used the mixed one – yes! My Japan Shopping
  • large handful spinach leaves
Grilled Mushrooms
  • 1 tsp vegetable oil
  • 100 g or 1 cup button or Portobello mushrooms, cut in halves
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 tsp Mirin or honey
  • ½ tsp sesame oil
  • ½ tsp sriracha hot sauce
  • 1 tsp soy sauce
Garnish Seasoning
  • 1 tsp sesame seeds
  • 2 whole spring onions, finely chopped (separate the leaves from the onions. Use the sliced onion bulb in the soup)
  • 4 wooden skewers, washed with water (keep it wet)
How to make Japanese style grilled mushrooms?
  1. Cut the mushrooms in half and marinade it with crushed garlic, mirin, soy sauce, sesame oil and siracha. Marinate them in a zip lock back for an hour before grilling

  2. After 1 hour, insert 5-6 pieces (halved mushrooms) on each skewer

  3. 15 mins before serving, heat a grill pan in low heat for 5 minutes or till the pan is hot.
  4. Add the oil and place the skewers and brush the mushrooms with some left over marinade
  5. Let them grill for 5 mins on one side on low heat
  6. Turn it around and grill them for another 5 mins after you brush it with the remaining marinade. You can cook the mushrooms for  lesser time (total of 5mins) too but I wanted to infuse those soy flavours deep into the mushrooms with the heat

How to make Miso Soup?
  1. For an authentic Miso you need to first make Dashi soup (recipe in the foot notes). Skip Dashi for veg version. In a pan add the onion part of the spring onions in 1 tbsp oil.

  2. Add ½ cup sliced mushrooms once the onions are soft and tender. Cook the mushrooms in high heat for about 2 mins
  3. Add the miso paste and combine all ingredients
  4. Now pour the water or dashi and mix all the ingredients and bring it to a simmer in low heat
  5. Just before you take the soup add the spinach. Your mushroom miso soup is ready
How to make Japanese style soft boiled Eggs?
  1. An hour before serving, soft boil your eggs. You do this by placing the eggs in a bowl of water at room temperature. Place it on low heat and cook for about 12-13 minutes.

  2. Take the eggs out gently with a slotted spoon  and place on ice or cold running water to stop further cooking of the eggs.

  3. Now peel the shells very very gently.
  4. In a zip lock add the soy and vinegar and gently add the eggs.

  5. Keep them for 30 mins in the marinade get a nice color on the eggs. This is an authentic way of making eggs in Japan. Rotate the zip pouch so that the marinade coats the eggs evenly. You may notice that some part are turning darker than the others. Hence you may want to move around the eggs every 10 mins.

Making your Noodles
  1. Follow the instructions on the pack to cook the udon. You can use ramen or soba as well. Drain and then divide them into the bowls. Keep them on one side of the bowl for better presentation

Assembling your Japanese bowls
  1. While you are grilling the mushrooms, you can assemble the bowls. Pour the miso soup into the bowl with noodles. On one side place half the spring onions (leaves). Cut the eggs into half gently and place them on top. Sprinkle the sesame seeds. You can also sprinkle a little salt in on top of the eggs if you like. I didn’t as my miso soup was salty enough

  2. Serve your Japanese Noodle Bowl with the grilled mushrooms
Food Marriage Tips

Food Marriage Tips

  1. Dashi is a versatile soup stock used to make number of japanese dishes - Miso, clear soup, Okonomiyaki, Katsuku, Curry Udon, Oyaku don, Japanese Beef and pork stews, and many more. The recipe to make this stock is here: Dashi soup Recipe 
  2. These grilled mushrooms are too die for. The reason - Soy Sauce. Something magical happens when soy and mushrooms get together. It gets that nice umami barbecue flavours which is heaven. I use Kikkomon Soy sauce because they are better than all the Indian ones I have tried.


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