Dashi: Basic Japanese Soup Stock

Japanese Soup Stock or Dashi is the easiest thing to make. It forms the basis of most Japanese cooking.


  1. 1l Water
  2. 10 g Konbu or dried kelp seaweed
  3. 20g Katsuo bushi or dried bonito flakes


  1. Soak the konbu or seaweed in cold water and leave for a while (30 mins atleast. Best left overnight)
  2. Heat the water with konbu at low heat and bring it to simmer
  3. Remove the konbu from water and take the dish off the heat
  4. Now add the bonito flakes immediately and wait until it sinks
  5. Take the flakes out immediately once it sinks. Dont squeeze.

This is called the first dashi. You can reuse the seaweed and bonito again to make second dashi. Put both these ingredients in 300g (1/3rd the original qty) of water and boil it for 15 mins. Then filter it. That’s it. First dashi will be stronger and refined. You can use this  to make miso soup, ramen, as stock for cooking pork or chicken, or make my favourite dish –  Okonomiyaki.


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