What to do with leftover Chapatis? Make yummy Tostadas

Egg and Chicken Pickle Tostada

chapatti toastados.jpg


Serves: 4

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cooking time: 15 mins

Expertise Level: Easy

Ingredients Availability: Left overs and Eggs

Food Mood:

  • Taste Palate: Medium Spicy
  • Ambience:  Weekend movie-time snacks or dinner combined with te thrill of watching a horror film. We had this dish while watching Mister Babadook (dook dook dook). No. I am not brave. I need a pillow to cover my face just before that squeaky door opens, or when there is a knock on the door, or when the ghost is about to reveal itself. Don’t lie. You do it too.


6-8 left over chapatis or rotis (any flatbread)

5 country eggs, beaten

3 cubes of grated cheese (or whatever is left over at home)

1 tsp ginger, grated (half a thumb sized bulb)

2 chillies, finely chopped

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp chicken pickle (You can use whichever spicy pickle you have at home – mango, prawns, beef, whatever rocks your boat. We got Andhra Spicy Chicken Pickle from the #TheEatIndiaCompany foodfest this weekend at Mahalakshmy Racecourse. I couldn’t wait to use it.

1 tbsp tangy jam ( I used some shiraz strawberry fresh jam (which I bought from Cape Town. You also use orange marmalade or bacon jam). This was my husband’s suggestion and it worked wonders with this dish.

Use whatever herbs or left over veggies or left overs from a restaurant or home delivery from the previous night and use in the toastado stuffing: onions, capsicum, bell pepper, fresh or dried herbs, Chinese food,  and so on and so forth. This is the best part. You can be inventive and creative here. Its eggs and chappatis. It will go with whatever interesting stuff you might want to add.  I suggest that you go bonkers.


  1. Beat all the eggs together in a large glass bowl. But beat it light and fluffy. I used glass bowl to whisk eggs as it’s easier to clean and get rid of that egg-y smell left in dishes, after wash.
  2. In a large hot non-stick pan, add the oil. Then add the ginger and chilies; at medium heat. If you have other veggies, now is the time to add and sauté a bit. Say, for a minute.
  3. Pour in the beaten eggs into an omelette, and add the grated cheese after a few minutes.
  4. Now place 4 chapattis to cover the omelette while the eggs are still liquid-y. This will allow the chapatti to stick to the omelette. Let it cook for 3 minutes so that the omelette at the bottom gets cooked enough to come off the pan.
  5. Now, I will teach you a trick to flip this over without breaking the omelette. Take a plate which has a larger circumference than the pan. Place it on top of the pan. Invert the Pan so that the omelette turns upside down without breaking. Now, slide it back onto the pan with the omelette side up and chapattis at the bottom. Easy Pweasy. Learnt it from Gordon Ramsay in one of his cooking shows.
  6. Now quickly place the other 4 chapatis on top of the omelette covering it completely.
  7. Let it cook in medium heat for 3 minutes till the chapattis at the bottom are crisp. Then flip the tostada over again to toast the other side for 5 minutes. Turn up the heat if you feel it’s necessary.  This time you may not require the plate, but if you aren’t confident, use the same technique as suggested in bullet point no. 5.
  8. Now, take it off the pan and place it on a chopping board. With a pizza slicer, slice into 6, as you would do to a pizza.
  9. Spoon over some jam and then the pickle. Garnish it with herbs and serve hot.




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