My Exotic Trip to Brazil – Part 1

Early last month, I had to travel for work with my colleagues to São Paulo. I needed a vacation desperately as I have been working like a donkey for the past 6 months. That explains why I haven’t been blogging lately(excuses excuses). But ya while i work like a crazy person, my work allows me to travel to exotic places… I know you are jealous. I would have been too 😉 It was obvious that after work I take my small vacation in Brazil and which better place than Rio. The planning began. The flight tickets, the hotel bookings, the bitchy looks from friends and colleagues, including the ones who were travelling with me to São Paulo. Obviously they couldn’t stay back. Do you think their wives would trust them with hot Brazilian women trotting around everywhere?

So after 5 days of work in São Paulo……Yes? Stop snickering. We were actually working for at least 10 hours everyday. In the evenings however, we explored the best food in town. About the Food in Brazil (Lets not forget this is a food blog): It’s not just rice, beans and beef by the way. After Italy, the biggest Italian population resides in Brazil. True of Japanese population too. You will see a lot of Italian influence in the food if you are not eating steaks. And Sushi is quite fanciful like everywhere else in the world.

Food you must Try In São Paulo:

Day 1) Beef ravioli with caramelized figs: My first food order in Brazil was at my hotel Caeser Park. Oh MY GOD.. I orgasmed the first day with this dish and I knew that I am going to have the best food for the rest of my trip. Tripped on Pastas in this trip. You go to any place, it would be perfect.

Day 2) Steaks at Fogo De Chao: Oh Boy!! A Real Meat Fest: You get all the cuts as part of the buffet. Eat as much as you like. I died after 3 🙁 The menu card here tells you what you are eating. Learn them numbers in Portuguese, I say.



Day 3) Went to a Lebanese restaurant. I don’t know why we chose Lebanese but my colleagues from Sao Paulo took us there. And finally I tried Raw Red Meat to the horror of my hindu community – Lebanese Beef Tartare or the Kibbeh Nayeh . So Good.

Day 4) Luxury and Food. Oh we did the fancy stuff too. We went to Figueira Rubaiyat . Super Expensive but worth it. Every food item including the meat is sourced from their own organic farm. The place looks beautiful at night. A big tree at the centre of the restaurant goes right through a glass roof. We got a flavour of some Brazilian and Argentinian steaks as well. Yes, you must feel the sparks already, right? And here I was with an Argentinian on the table along with other Brazilians fighting to crown the best beef steak on the table. For those of you who don’t know, this is a very touchy subject between the two nations. Anyway, the Argentinian guy with us was the boss so I guess we all know who bagged the golden boot. (Yes Yes, football euphemisms much required when we talk about Brazil, no?). Well, thankfully we Indians got away without voting as my bong colleague steered away diplomatically saying – “If you ask me, I like both. I cant tell the difference to be honest. Now, let’s get some desserts”. I am not a sweet tooth really, but there I sat with a plateful of meringues and cakes and mousse and a big bowl of coffee creme brulee. Yeah I jogged every morning in São Paulo. 🙁

Day 5) I just had Pringles from the minibar. 🙂 Overdosed with cheesy food, I could take it no more. Italian influence remember? 🙂 Also had to hunt for a suitcase on the last evening as my bag got badgered during transit from India to São Paulo. Was too pooped to eat(IMAGINE).

Finally it was time to say good bye to every known face, slight resemblance of words that could be English and I was on the road alone, to the City of God. To add to my bravery, I saw this movie again before booking my tickets to Rio 🙂

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  1. Avatar of Payal Bhuptani Deepak says:

    No mention of Picanha T_T ? (Hint: Number 7)

  2. Avatar of Payal Bhuptani Deepak says:

    No mention of Picanha T_T ? (Hint: Number 7)

  3. Coming soon in part2

  4. Coming soon in part2

  5. 10:00 am and I am hungry after seeing this. did you try all the numbers for the beef ?

  6. 10:00 am and I am hungry after seeing this. did you try all the numbers for the beef ?

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