Thai Vermicelli with Chilly Chicken Breast

Bangalore is home. And at home, I get the best food on earth. The posts coming up in the next few days, are dedicated to my mom’s exceptional culinary skills. Eventually, I will have a section in my blog with just my mother’s recipes for you to try. These will be the low risk recipes, because I am not cooking them and, because my mom has the Midas touch for flavours and taste and aromas and spectacular looking food.

Lets get to business now. This morning my mother said to me  -“You know, I will make something really light and simple for lunch. Is that ok, bachcha?” And there I was expecting a sandwich, you know. Simple, light, nothing fancy about it. Then I enter the kitchento have some water – A beautiful woman (my mom), patting chicken breasts on a rice flour mixture and putting them onto a frying pan, asian aromas in the air with some home made sauces.My mother wanted to surprise me with some good Thai food as I love SEA cuisine, and she was pretty disappointed that the spoiler alert didn’t go off and I barged in with a camera to click these pics, since I have a blog and all, you know.

Flatten the chicken breast and coat it with rice flour mixture
Shallow fry for 7 minutes on one side and 5 minutes on the other

She wasnt wrong about the food being simple and light. Its just that one needs to think a little and be open to trying new things. In the southern part of this country, all one does with Vermicelli is make “Upma”. And here is a great way to make boring food, super fun and flavorsome.

This recipe was inspired by Donna Hay, who is my mother’s favourite chef these days. I will share the recipe of my mom’s version soon. Till then, I have a picture of my Lunch Plate for you.

Thai Vermicelli with Chilly Chicken Breasts with a home made chilly sauce

Photography Tips: Not that I am a master at it. But these are something you learn as you go.:)

1) I have been struggling for a long time to project the colours of the food into the image especially when I want to take a picture of the whole dish. Simplest trick, get white plates, white bowls, white dishes. Makes the world of a difference. Despite the bad lighting, I managed to take a decent picture just because I had white plates

2) When I started taking pics of food, they looked very boring. They looked clinical. They did not look very appetizing. I realized I was making some regular mistakes. I was either taking pics from a  bird’s eye view (top shot) or abusing zoom with macro. Then I started taking pictures in angles, sometimes close if I wanted to detail out the ingredients or taking the entire dish in the frame. Taking pictures in an angle you eat in, makes the food look much more alluring. Makes you feel like, oh I can grab it up and eat it. This one below, looks far from our reach, doesn’t it?

A Top View Shot

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